Setup and Troubleshooting

1. "NO ARCing": I tried to use this cutter today for the first time and I cannot get it to arc at all. I tried both 110 and 200. The fan comes on and the air comes out however there isnít a arc. The O.C. light does not come on either. I tried different tips. Any suggestions?

Please try the following simple self-checking/experiment before contacting our service center.

a. Make sure your power plug is properly wired. Please check our First Question for the answer.

b. Open the cover of the machine and make sure there are no loose / disconnected wires.

c. Make sure the ground cable is attached to work piece or to steel table with work piece securely clamped to table.

d. Check air compressor operation and make sure input air pressure is at least 100 psi. Check air filter and make sure the operation psi is be set to 65 to 75 psi.

e. Inspect and repair or replace worn torch parts.

f. Open the case and adjust the distance between two rectangular electrodes on the bottom board of the cutter. Most of case for "No Arcing" can be resolved by reducing the distance of these two rectangular electrodes. On normal operation, you can clearly see the spark between these two rectangular electrodes. Look at the following picture for your reference.

2. How to select a proper plug and wiring plug properly?

Do not attempt to wire or handle high voltage without proper training. Contact an electrician to help you install an electrical outlet or connect an electrical plug to your machine. Regardless of which machine you have, it will require power to operate properly. Do not assume you know which wires to connect until you read this manual completely as colors may be deceiving.

All of machines are either 110vac or 220vac. The 110vac machines will operate within 100v to 120vac at 50-60hz and the 220vac machines will operate within 200-240vac at 50-60hz. All machines are 1 phase unless otherwise stated. 1 phase means the power cord will have 1 ground wire and two hot wires. Connecting these wires properly is very important and if done improperly will void warranty and can cause damage to your machine and your outlet.

The ground wires on most machines are dark green. Some of them are green with a yellow twisted line in them. Some of the machines have blue, dark green and dark red wires and it may be difficult to differentiate which wire is ground because the blue and dark green look similar. The best way to test for ground is to test the ohms between the machine chassis ground to the ground wire. You can also use a continuity meter to check. If the wire you choose causes the meter to light up, then odds are that it is correct. If you are color blind you should not be doing this. Cleaning off the wires also helps too. The insulation on the ends of the wire may get dirty and hard to see. As a last resort ask an electrician to help you determine which wire is ground.

Basically -

110v/220v 60Hz..................Brown



Note: Improperly connecting the ground wire may cause the machine to turn on and the fan will turn on as well but it will not operate properly.

You will need to consult with an expert to find the proper plug for your machine. First you will need to know the maximum amperage draw of your machine which should be in your manual. Write it down and go to the hardware store - Home Depot, Lowes or Truevalue is fine. Ask one of their electrical department associates for advice about which plug you will need unless you already know the type. It is a good idea to take a digital picture of your existing outlet to match up the plug you will need. Most plugs do not come with detailed instructions on how to wire them. Ask the associate about this before you leave the store and take notes if needed.

The ground is the first wire you should connect in the plug. Next connect the two live wires. Generally it does not matter which one goes on which side. As a general rule of thumb it is said to connect blue on left and red on right, or black on left and white on right.

3. For CT312/416/518/520, Can I use this machine to weld aluminum using argon gas? if so do I need to buy any regulators ?

This machine can use argon gas with the regulator, but the machine only tig welds with DC power output. This is ideal for all types of steel and titanium, but not for aluminum. Argon regulator is available on our website

4. Will all your dual voltage machines switch over automatically to 120 or 220? or do they have to be wired that way? do they have fan and overload protection?

Yes. for all of our dual voltage machines, they will switch over automatically to 120 or 220 vac. Yes, they all have overload protection.

5. For WSME200, why there is only two wires for power connection? how shall I handle it?

Any 220v device in the states is required to have a Ground connector (minimum 3 wires.) You need to replace the power cable with a three connector cable, and connected the ground wire to the metal chassis (which is actually mentioned on the last page of the ownerís manual) and soldered connections to the existing power cables. Two wires of existing cables are both hot wires.

6. What type of air pressure is required to operate it and what size compreeser would be needed to maintain the required air flow?

Bascially, plasma cutters require 65 psi air pressure and a compressor output of at least 3.5 cfm.

7. The stick arc part works,the tig works , it apears that the switching is not working . i put a ohm to the switch and it passes , no air will flow , is there a valve i can check out?

Please check the MMA function first. If it is ok then please check the relay is ok or no. If it doesn't work please check the cable of 24V. Check is there 24V function on the switch borad or LM317 function is ok or the function change switch. However, would you please check the torch, I wonder that if it is broken then the cutting fuction can not work too.

8. When using the tig what leads get plugged in? the lead to the foot pedal and the torch cant be used at the same time???

They can work at the same time. Foot-pedal can work in two way,

a. One for adjust the current, This is like the current knob on front panel of machine.

b. Another way works like a switch on the torch trigger

Steps to hook up both -

a. switch on " Pedal " on front panel of machine

b. ( TIG & Plasma Torch have 2 connectors ) Plug Torch's brass connector on machine but do not plug 7 pins female connector on male connecotor of machine. Just leave this 7 pins female connector free

c. Use female connector of foot-pedal plug on that 7 pins male connector on machine

9. If your machine turns on when you press the torch button, but does NOT cut:

Do the following checks or tests -

a. the heavy copper wire inside of the gas hose could be broken

b. the arc gap is not functioning

c. the machine is not making any current

These tests are DANGEROUS - and should only be performed by a QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN

Copper cable test Ė

∑ Inside this hose is a very heavy copper wire that carries the cutting current.

∑ Unscrew the ceramic cup and remove the tip and electrode.

∑ Use a multi-meter and check the continuity of this wire - from the brass gas nut to where the electrode is inserted.

∑ If the meter shows zero- 10 ohms from the brass gas nut to the electrode base - the torch is OK

Check the arc gap -

∑ Open machine, turn off air, and turn on low power. Turn on machine and press torch button.

∑ Look for a small blue spark with electrical buzzing sound (arc). Typically the arc gap is on the lower board, at the front of the machine.

∑ Itís usually 2 small metal tabs sticking up, separated by about 1/32"

∑ You should see an arc appear here. If NOT, try the penny test.

Penny test -

∑ Turn air off, turn your machine on low, put a penny in the ground clamp.

∑ Remove the ceramic cup and torch tip - leave the skinny electrode in place (hold clamp upside down)

∑ Turn on machine, press torch button, bring ground clamp with penny and touch penny to electrode tip


∑ The tip should vaporize the penny

∑ If the arc gap test does NOT work, but the Penny test DOES Work - itís probable your lower board is bad.

∑ If neither test works, you may have multiple issues

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