SIMADRE 60A 220/230V 60 AMP PLASMA CUTTER - Big Sale

SIMADRE 60A 220/230V 60 AMP PLASMA CUTTER - Big Sale
Item# SIMA-CT6000A
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Product Description

SIMADRE CT60A is made by international most advatageed invert technology. The 50/60Hz frequence is inverted to high frequence (frequency is over 100KHz) by V-MOSFET , then setp down voltage and recitificate current. The inverter power supply generates powerful DC welding current through PWM technology. Because inverter technology of switch power is used, dimensions and weight of main transformers are reduced substaintially and efficiency has increased 30%, Piloting arc system can strike arc easily with principle of high frequency oscillating. It has functions that it can supply gas ahead and turn off gas delayed.

Our cutting machine has the following characteristics:

Stabilizing Reliability Lightness Energy-saving and there is no noise High cutting speed Cutting is smooth and there is no polish demanded


Input voltage 220V/230V

Input Power Capacity 7.8 kva

Max Cut Thickness 22-23mm / .9 inches

No-load loss(V) 240

Duty cycle (%) 60

Efficiency (%) 85

Insulation class B

Protection class IP21S

Output Voltage (V) 104

Rated current 10-60

ARC Starting Touch