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Brand New Powerful Simadre Mig180i 180Amp Mig Welder with Spool Gun funciton - True IGBT Inverter Techonlogy with 60% Life Cycle

This unit comes with 1 year warranty on the machine.


IGBT inverter technology, current-mode control, reliable quality, stable performance. Closed loop feedback control, Constant voltage output, workable under network voltage fluctuation within 15%, Stable welding arc, little spattering, deep penetration, beautiful shaping. High welding efficiency. Slow wire feeding during arc starting; Reliable arc starting, Adjustable welding voltage, precisely matching the welding current, excellent welding characteristics. Switching frequency is beyond audio range, which almost Eliminates noise pollution. Stable welding when at the lowest current of 30A when using welding wire with a diameter of 0.6mm.

Technical Specs: Item Unit MIG180i

Input power voltage V AC230 15% (single phase)

Input voltage frequency Hz 50/60

Rated input power capacity KVA 7.4

Recommended fuse capacity A 50

MMA current range A 10-160

CO2 current rang A 25-175

CO2 voltage rang V 11--26

No-load voltage V 70

Wire feed speed m/min 1.5-16

Diameter of wire   0.6/0.8/0.9

Duty cycle(40℃) % 35%

Weight Kg 18

Efficiency % 85

Power factor (cosφ)   0.7

Insulation class   F

Dimensions mm 480x230x360

Protection class   IP21S

Wire feeder type   Inside

The package comes with:

1. High Quality Spool Gun

2. High Quality Mig Torch

3. Earth Clamp

4. Stick/Arc Holder

5. Air Hose

Unit Size: 18'x8'x14'

Unit weight: 50 lbs

Customer needs to prepare his/her own 220v power plug
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